Monthly Archives: February 2005

lazy start to the day

i was kinda pooped after this weekend, and that is pooped as in tired and not pooped as in something else that is smelly, so i slept in until like 7;30 and that was nice.

party like it is 4702

last night we went to a new years eve party because it is the chinese new year and evidently they have a different new year than everyone else but whatever. it was mainly an excuse for me to get to see haley and mackenzie and will and other friends and we ate and played and it was a lot of fun. then i got very tired so mamamama and dadadada took me home and they said it was because it was past my bedtime but the real reason was that dadadada wanted to yell at the basketball.

point and name game

mamamama and dadadada are not the smartest people around i am afraid. i say this because they have this game with me where they open a book and turn it to the first page and they are all ‘where is the dog’ and i point to the dog and they then turn to the next page and are all ‘where is the dog’ and i can see that the same dog is there so i point and then they turn to the third page and say ‘where is the dog’ and if i could talk i would be all ‘it is right there can you not see it’ but i just have to point to it instead.


the other night dadadada watched basketball but i had to go to bed too early to watch and that was sad.

all is calm all is full of gifts

so now things have quieted down and pr and mr are gone which is sad but i do have more time to myself and my gifts. i am also all happy about going back to school which i did today and i ran around a lot and played with some of the other kids. it is more fun to run around than to sit around i can tell you that.

all has come clear

now i know what all of the preparation was for and why pr and mr were here and that is because i am now one and they threw a big party. the house was filled with fans and they ate and drank and sat around and watched me and my friends play with my new loot, and oh boy, the loot. i had no idea./ i think it should be my birthday again next week so i can get more stuff.

i got a wagon and a plastic cart thing and some clothes which are not really presents but whatever and a bunch of other stuff. the best thing was this workbench only instead of tools it has plastic balls that you put into cabinets and stuff and it plays music and there are bent nails that make sounds when you hit them.

when i grow up i am totally going to be a carpenter.

new weight loss plan

so i am feeling much better even though most of you evidently are not paying attention or do not care, so you should come by so i can bite you on the nose and give you my virus.

anyway the bounceTM has not been receiving the attention and more importantly the licensing i was wanting from it even though i totally heard this sports announcer for a basketball game say ‘he’s got the bounce./’ about one player.

then i went to the doctor about this virus and he said i had lost like a quarter of a pound and that is when it came to me that exercising to lose weight is a stupid way to lose weight. you just need to have my virus and then you will lose weight plus you will nap better if you have problems with napping.

now i need to figure out how to bottle this virus and sell it.

doctor’s visit but no needles

i was not feeling good most of yesterday and i had a bunch of naps again, i was so tired. we ended up going to the doctor and he did not stick me with needles which is good but he did give me some orange stuff to take that is kinda yucky. i have some virus thing which is not fun but at least my fever is pretty much gone.

this is the first time i have had fever, at least it is the first time i remember having a fever, maybe i had it before and it was so bad i can’t remember but i don’t think so.

there were fans over last night but i was very tired so i did not get to play with them much.

also i got to miss school because of my fever and i will have to remember that in the future because sometimes i do not feel like going to school.


i have not felt good all day and i had three naps which is like three more than i need but i was so tired. and i was kinda chilled tonight. i am going to bed early tonight.