Monthly Archives: March 2005

reading is fun and also damental

why didn’t anyone tell me how great these books are.7 i mean i know mamamama and dadadada have been reading to me but like in the last week the books have been great. what is even better is that before i had to wait for the books to come to me but now i can go get a book and come back and sit in mamamama’s or dadadada’s lap and they will read to me and then i get another book and come back and they read that one to me. this is great./

not much going on

i did not want people to think i had abandoned them because i have not posted recently. i have not posted because there has not been a lot going on although fan tim came over last night and gobbled my feet and that was fun. mainly i have been tired but not tired enough to nap just so you know.

epiphany about my job

i am back from atlanta and boy are my arms tired. because people swung me around that is. it was a lot of fun and i got to see new fans one of whom brought her own piano which was cool. and two of the fans had cats which are like toys that run around on their own. they are funny and have neat toys.

i was so busy getting ready for my trip that i forgot to tell you that i now know what i am going to be when i grow up. i am going to be a burglar or perhaps a confidence man. on wednesday we were at church having dinner and i was wandering around and there was mrs. brewer’s purse, she is married to our pastor, and her purse was open so i took her debit card and she didn’t even notice at first.

what i did discover is that one i need pockets to hide these things in and two unless i start stealing cash i need an accomplice to reach the card swipe thing at babies are us.

atlanta comes in a can

we are going to atlanta because i have willed a road trip and so it has come to pass. we are going to see fans and have a good time. atlanta is cool because that is where peaches come from, i mean, i know peaches come in a can, they were put there by a man but that man works in a factory downtown in atlanta.

if you are nice i will bring you back a peach, if you are nice and live near me that is.

early morning routine

it is all kinds of fun to wake up early because then mamamama or dadadada come and get me and bring them back to their bed where i can roll around and flop on them and push them with my feet and pull on their lamp behind the bed. i would sleep late to like 6;30 or 7;00 but then i would not get to flop around like that, they would just feed me and we would go on about our day.

i would say more but it is playgroup time.