Monthly Archives: April 2005

mr and pr come to stay

so mamamama and dadadada have gone on vacation and mr and pr have come to keep me and that is cool. i have gotten to play in the garden and i got new sandals and today we went to church and that was fun. but they are watching me much more closely than mamamama and dadadada do so i have not had as much of a chance to get to the computer so i will have to tell you about my week when they are gone and i can get to a computer more easily.

zap zap zap

so i went to school yesterday and that was okay, i was tired enough i ended up napping there which i normally do not do because there is too much to do to waste time lying down but there was this time change and everything so there you go. anyway dadadada picked me up from school instead of mamamama which surprised me but it turned out she had gone to this eye doctor and he had found a problem which he wanted to fix by shooting a laser into her eye. her eye was kinda red and teary afterwards.

this whole laser thing sounds dangerous and painful to me to tell the truth. i do not think i would like lasers.

bang ow bang ow

i had more graceful problems yesterday as i tripped on my blanket while getting ready for church and started bleeding again some, that hurt a lot, and then in the nursery i was going to be sneaky and sneak up on mamamama and grab her but she turned and i fell and hit my cheek on a shelf and now i have a bruise there. i do not know why i am having so much trouble walking, it was really easy before.

dump ow blood

we were playing outside this afternoon and dadadada was pushing me in my cart, it was fun, but he stopped so i started crawling out of it only it scooted back and i fell down on my face. okay maybe i could have used a nap, then i would have been more graceful but whatever. and it hurt a lot and my mouth was bleeding and dadadada rushed me to mamamama who took me inside and hit my head on the door as i went in and that hurt more.

then they were all poking at my lips trying to see inside my mouth but it wasn’t bleeding any more, i could have told them that. i was a big boy and i did not cry at all after my nap, i might have cried some before.

i am not mad at mamamama and dadadada though, they can’t help it, they are a little stupid.


mamamama and dadadada have been teaching me to say please. it is not that easy because please sounds like keys and cheese and it is annoying to say please to something and end up with a bunch of clanky metal, so it is good that they are teaching me how to say it with my hands. you make a fist and rub it on your chest. there are other versions of it too, like if you are busy you just kind of brush your fist on your leg and if you ask for something and you do not get it that means you have not pleased enough so use both hands and move them up and down in front of your chest.