Monthly Archives: May 2005

i am huge

this week we went to playgroup and i discovered that i am taller than mackenzie who is one of my friends and is several months older than me. rar./ now i could stomp on her like godzilla if i were not a nice person which i am so i will not stomp, but whoa i hadn’t thought of me being big enough to do that. physically stomp on a friend i mean.

it’s not like i couldn’t already stomp on them emotionally. take away their sippy cups and they start crying. sometimes my friends are really a bunch of babies.

me and the pool and missy law and all

some people have asked hey where are the pictures.7 and i only want to make you happy so here are some pictures

this is me getting into the pool with the empty bottle that was tasty to chew on.

i am going to have to go on a diet before it gets to be swimsuit weather all the time, i have a milk belly.

the water in the pool was okay, it tasted a little hot.

this is me with missy law. see she can say ‘oooh’ too just like me.

normally this basket holds toys but i figured it could hold me too, maybe it needs pictures on its side like the bucket of babies because now this is a basket of babies.

i hope you liked my pictures.

back to typing

i have been very busy, that is why i have not been posting lately. i don’t know if any of you noticed but here i am back again so it does not matter.

i am working on talking. the bad thing is that mamamama and dadadada are either ignorine me or they do not understand and so i talk louder and they smile and nod. this is unacceptable.

but at least there were good things last week. angie came and visited, she is a super super fan, i like her a lot. mamamama got this wading pool so the three of us went out and i splashed in it, that was so much fun. it made up for people not listening to me and then everyone coming over on tuesday after i was in bed, you probably thought i did not hear you but i did.

did i mention the pool.7 that is so cool.

anyway then saturday we went to visit missy law and greatgranddaddy. they got us pizza and i got to play in their backyard, they have grass and we do not so i think dadadada should find out what they do to have grass instead of dirt. and missy law gave me some books, i like books.

sunday was mothers day and we went to church and then came back home and hung out. i had dadadada send mamamama a card for me over the internet but he screwed it up, i knew i should have done it myself.