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Every Review of the New Star Trek Movie Ever

…and by far the best of them was $MAJOR_ACTOR as $ORIGINAL_SERIES_ROLE. While the cast as a whole was good, and $OTHER_MAJOR_ACTOR and $ANOTHER_MAJOR_ACTOR turned in solid performances, $MAJOR_ACTOR stole the movie. They took $ORIGINAL_SERIES_ROLE and made the character their own, and avoided the obvious pitfall of making it a rip-off of $ORIGINAL_ROLE_ACTOR’s take on the character….

Proofreading is Hard!

Optical Systems & Precision Comonents

I took this at the trade show I attended this week. The booth belonged to a major company, and clearly a lot of money had been spent on it.

Craft Night

Last night was once again craft night at Casa Granade. We had a small turnout but that allowed us to really spread out and work and chat.

I am excited to say that Craft Night is becoming all that I dreamed for it to be. Everybody is working on different kinds of projects but it works out well that we can all see what the others are doing and offer suggestions and advice.

While I was in college the best, and hardest, part of my design classes was student critique. When we first started I was devastated by every negative word. As the classes passed and we learned how to critique courteously and make suggestions on how to improve each piece, the process became an incredibly valuable tool to me. While it was rare for me to produce something that people liked on the first draft, I learned to take the criticism (a bit better but never well) and improve my work.

I’ve been missing that community for a lot of years now and didn’t even realize that was what was missing from my creative life. Craft Night is my attempt to recreate that not just for me, but for the other women who are working on projects and trying to figure out how to make them better. Tuesday night is a time when we can come together and laugh and talk and work on our respective projects and do some constructive critique as needed. And eat, because everything (even critique) is better with chocolate.

I was showing my latest project (a collaged art journal) to Ashley last night and she said one of the nicest things I’ve heard in a long time.

“I wish I saw the world the way you do. I think what you see is a much nicer world than what I see.”

I don’t know if that is true or not. Mostly I just like to play and I am fortunate enough to get to play pretty much every day. Craft night is the way I get to play and have community with my friends while doing it.

Here, Have some Cute!

A week or so ago we went to a bluegrass music festival here in town. We ended up leaving early because the kids were crazed but the pictures I snatched before we left look like we are having an awesome time.
Her name is Liza and she likes to DANCE!

His name is Eli and he likes to MUG!

Brotherly Love
The best photo of Will and Luke I’ve taken by like 1000%.

The rays of cuteness will actually cure some minor ailments.

The smirk is how you know he's thinking of something clever.

Eli's real smile.

Thursday I had Emily for a few hours because of swine flu school closings. The girls had a blast.
Don't get in their way when they are working.

Friday we were making up anything we could to fill up a few hours.
Puppet show without the puppets.

Did I mention that by Saturday we’d run out of things to do inside the house?
Where we store our kids.
Yes, Eli’s toes are painted blue. He wanted to and hey, at least I used a boy color.