New Camera

We got a new camera and now we are all arty.
Click through for more photos with the new camera.

10 thoughts on “New Camera

  1. Gorgeous photos, you must be having such fun with the camera!

    You guys are two of the very few people I know living below I-70, and in such a rural-looking place at that (even though I know Huntsville is a proper little city). It’s great to have this glance into your lives through photographs.

  2. All right! I talked you into the Canon! Now we can start our own society of lens-sharers! [Which will probably be single guy loans lenses to the we-have-kids-and-diaper-budgets parents, but I’m cool with that.]

    LOVE the photo.

  3. Vika: Will send photos of cows ASAP!
    Geof: We have one lens and have borrowed another so we will share yours to see what we like! 🙂

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