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When people email me these “tell things about yourself” list thingies, I tend to not do them since the person sending me the email usually knows me pretty well already. But this time is different. I got tagged online from a reader (Hi, Plenipotentiary!) who started reading us during the LOLcat days. So she really doesn’t know me that well but she thinks we have lots in common. That’s a total compliment since I just read her eight things (actually seven, but I won’t hold it against her) and she’s about 1,000 times smarter and cooler than me. Also, I think she can kick my butt.

So just so she won’t come to Alabama and do that very thing, here are my eight things:

1. I am left handed and secretly want my little girl to be left handed also. I know this is a silly thing to wish for and it will be fine if she is not but until she proves otherwise, I want her to be a lefty. Until my nephew, Sam, came along I was the only lefty in my family. Believe me, Sam will NEVER be without left-handed scissors for as long as I live.

2. I love to take showers. Right now it’s the only time when I am guaranteed 10 minutes to myself but I loved them even before I had kids. It’s where I have my best ideas and the ideas that usually turn out to be the most outstanding art projects. I recently read that the water from the shower hitting your skin actually stimulates your brain cells firing. If that’s the case, I’m thinking I need to have a portable shower build just for me to carry around and have those great brainstorms!

3. I’ve had the same best friend since the seventh grade and I talk to her almost every day. We’ve been through a dozen boyfriends (most of them hers and never the same one for both of us, Thank God!), a husband and two kids (mine), sharing the same living space in college (almost didn’t survive that one), and more phone time logged between the two of us that a few small countries combined (usually to talk over the previously mentioned boys). Except for my husband, I’m pretty sure that no one knows me better. So if something isn’t covered here in my eight things that you want to know about me, drop her a line, she can probably answer your question.

4. In the past few years I’ve developed a phobia about poisonous spiders. Right after Eli was born, during all the sleep deprivation, a friend had to have her house sprayed for brown recluses, and that’s when I started to have a problem. We have both brown recluses and black widows living in our yard. This past week I got a gander at a brown recluse laying an egg sack on Eli’s playset and I’ve barely been able to let him go outside to play. I know they aren’t smart enough to lie in wait and jump on me when I least expect it, but somehow I still feel like that’s what’s going to happen.

5. While I was in high school I met Bill Clinton. This was when he was governor of Arkansas and he spoke at Governor’s School the year I attended. He did a lot for education in Arkansas and I think I managed to go to college on no fewer than five of the scholarship programs he set up while he was governor. Thanks, Bill!

6. I often dream about attending U2 concerts. I’m not sure why this is. Yes, I love the band, but I would think I would dream about talking to them or hanging out or something. But no, I attend concerts and usually end up in fights over the good seats. Although once I dreamed Bono sent me on a mission. I don’t really remember what the mission entailed but it was going to help a lot of people.

7. My two favorite things to read are romance novels and National Geographic magazine. Both are like popcorn to me. I get one and have to finish the whole thing in one sitting. The funny thing is, I’ve only had a NG subscription for about the past three years and I’ve been reading romance novels almost half my life.

8. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little. Now I’m a graphic designer. I still want to learn to sew, though. I guess there’s still time to make it big. Think Tim Gunn will have me?

I made it! There are my eight things. I told Stephen last night I wouldn’t be able to think of eight. Not only did I manage it but I think it’s stuff that most people actually don’t know about me.

9 thoughts on “Misty’s Eight Things

  1. How early can you tell what handedness a child is? Does a left-handed baby reach for things with her left hand, or can you not tell until she starts doing things that require finer motor control? I never thought about this before but now I need to know!

  2. o i love romance novels too!!!!
    i generally read the contemporary romance ones. who are your fav authors? I have a few that i love. and i am like you i will devour them. i will hit the used bookstore every so often and stock up on them. but then i have a need to read them all instantly. so i dont do much but read the books and thats not good. lol. not much else gets done.

  3. It was somewhat surprising to us when we found out we wouldn’t know Ellric’s handedness for a while–it seems that there’s sometimes hints if you know what to look for as early as 1 year, but it sometimes isn’t obvious until 2 or older I think Ellric was getting close to 2 before we basically knew. Interestingly, the pediatrician said that if he showed a preference too early, that was a bad sign.

    [Also, Misty, if you don’t change ‘everyday’ to ‘every day’ I think markm will hunt you down and give you a noogie.]

  4. See, I told you we had a lot in common! I’m nervous about brown recluse spiders, love showers, have had the same best friend since seventh grade (I updated my eight things to actually include eight, and I mention her), devour romance novels (I think of them as brain candy), and misspell everyday, too! (Shh… don’t tell anyone about the romance novels – I now have a rep to protect.)

  5. On Handedness:
    Eli showed up as a right hander very early on (As in the first few times he reached for things it was with his right hand. I remember because I was very specifically disappointed over it.) and it has stayed that way. Supposedly I showed up as a lefty early on as well. Liza shows a tendency to roll left as well as when she sits in the Bumbo she reaches/turns only to the left for toys. I hadn’t heard it was a “bad sign” though. What’s it a bad sign of if it shows up early? Stubbornness probably.

    On Tagging People:
    I didn’t tag anyone because most everyone I know has done this one already.

    On Misspellings/Grammer Issues:
    I blame my editor. He supposedly read it over before being published. So Mark if anyone deserves a noogie, it’s Sarge.

    On Romance Novels:
    Too many to list here, Jeanetta. I’ll send a separate email with my list!

  6. Misty, you’ve eased my mind. I’m left-handed too, and I’m DYING for Marissa to be left-handed. She is a month old, and when she stretches predominantly toward her left side and reaches for my face with her left hand, I get so excited. It helps that Zach does those things toward the right, so I guess technically, I’m hoping for one of each for my twins. How hilarious that we are similar in this way!

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