When I Am Old I Shall Wear Grouchy like a Purple Hat

Sometime in the past few years of getting a house and having two babies, I got old. This is something that Stephen and I joke about from time to time when we realize the multitude of 20-somethings on TV. Then sometime in the past few months, I realized that I was older than the people in the books I read.

Today I realized that technology has also passed me by.

About seven or eight years ago I bought a 125,000 image clip art library. I use the images in many different projects. I’ve used the seasonal and holiday portions twice a month for more than three years now in our church’s newsletter. So recently I decided it was really time to get something new. I bought something at Staples since I had a spend-$50-get-$25-off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I knew it was for PC but I thought, “surely I’ll be able to pull the image files off the disks and open them in Photoshop to do what I need.”

I couldn’t do it.

I let Teresa, the woman I do the newsletter for at church, borrow the disks to look through. I chatted with her this morning about it. While we were looking at it on her computer, I realized the reason I couldn’t see the image files on the disk. They aren’t image files, just links to files on the internet. What I bought wasn’t images, just the software to download the images from the internet. Ugh. I asked her if she wanted to buy it from me since I couldn’t use it on my computer and couldn’t take it back.

So I thought, maybe I should just get the Mac equivalent. No, sorry. No such thing exists any more. Everything is on the internet now–for a low, low monthly fee. But see, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee. I want to spend $50 and have access to 1.2 million images whenever I need them for the next seven or eight years.

And this is where I know that I am old. I am longing for the days when I could squish my pennies without repercussions, babies didn’t fall out of Bumbos, and clip art still came on CD.

5 thoughts on “When I Am Old I Shall Wear Grouchy like a Purple Hat

  1. I’m 16 (not old) and I’d be pretty annoyed to be sold a CD full of internet-links.

    Surely the entire point of a CD is to have a physical copy of whatever it is, if they just want to sell downloadables then they don’t need a CD, an advert with a link to their website would suffice and would cut out all the manufacturing, packaging, distribution and other such costs.

    Their stupid system means you’re screwed if you aren’t online (even temporarily), aren’t using their chosen platform, don’t have a net connection fast enough to pull down all the images you want (if you actually wanted all 1.2M of them, right now)

    Oh, and a subscription charge for it.. that sucks. With something where you get ongoing service or improvement, maybe it can be justified, but for a set of images.. hell no!

  2. You aren’t old. That’s just a riddiculus scam that got the better of you. I’d be so pissed off. I would be harassing the customer service if that was me. jk

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