Will Write for 4¢

We here at the Granade Casa enjoy our TV watching. We used to watch a fair bit but since the coming of the next generation we’ve turned down the tap a wee bit. I’m lucky if I can make it through an entire episode of something without falling asleep on the couch after Eli and Liza are in bed.

So the writers’ strike has come up in discussion here at the house. We support folks getting paid for what they write, by the way. I think it’s totally crazy that it even has to be spelled out in that way. If someone were building a house or a car or something concrete there would be no question as to whether or not they need to get paid at the end of their labor.

But writing? Pfff. That’s not WORK. So when I read this article by Joss Whedon I felt like marching over to our local TV affiliates and picketing as well.

I’ve tried to write another paragraph here but everything I write is silly. Just read Joss’s response to the NYT article and hear me shouting, “Preach it, Brother!” from the choir.

And just because it’s so darn funny, here’s what Ask a Ninja has to say about the strike as well: