Internet Memes in Wider Culture

A few days ago, Anil Dash talked about whether or not Internet memes would really impact broader pulp culture. Such a move from Internet to e.g. TV or movies have typically been in the form of passing nods in geek-oriented media, such as Andrew referring to Trogdor in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Veronica Mars saying “boom goes the dynamite” in one episode.

That may be changing. As an example, I give you an ad for Mike Huckabee.

He’s taken Chuck Norris’s endorsement and made a commercial about it that mixes Chuck Norris Facts with Huckabee’s actual views. This is notable because the ad is aimed at Iowa voters, not Family Guy fans, and it has the meme as the center of it.

How will the other candidates respond? Will Mitt Romney talk about his platform while performing synchronized moves on treadmills? Will McCain further his image as someone stuck in the early 2000s with an “All Your Base” joke? “Congress made you a national health care plan… but I eated it“?

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