whoopsy daisy

i came home from school this afternoon and i was all wondering if we were going to wash the cars again because that was so fun but we did not, i guess it is one of those things that you only do every once in a while because it is so much fun.

but late this afternoon i started feeling really bad and then urp i threw up and it projected forward which was kind of cool but not cool enough to be worth the bad feeling. i threw up a couple of more times and let me tell you i was tired of the bath. i think i am going to try to sleep now to see if i feel better when i get up.

9 thoughts on “whoopsy daisy

  1. Poor Eli. Has mamamama been feeding you some icky strained peas again? It’s okay. The cat that lives in the same house got sick when he tried to eat my flowers. At least you didn’t get sick because you did that.

    Disclaimer: I like ’em, sorry, even though I know some people don’t.

  2. I am behind on reading my friends’ journals, but I didn’t want you to think that I don’t care, because I do. I hope you are better very, very soon.

    And I potentially have good news! I projectile vomited when I was four, and hated the experience so much that I haven’t thrown up since! Twenty-seven years and counting with no unfortunate nasty Linda Blair episodes!

  3. wow, i hope i am that good. i really do not like throwing up. now when i burp i think i might throw up and that is not fun.

    and thank you for writing./ i know you have been busy being a world traveler.

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