Eli on Medicine

Eli has an ear infection. He started complaining about it hurting yesterday afternoon, and occasionally I’d see him tugging on it. An hour after he went to bed he came back out, crying. “My ear is squeaking,” he said.

He has medicine now. He nearly gagged while taking it tonight. “Are you okay?” we asked. He nodded. “Did it taste bad?”

“It tasted like my bad dream,” he said, tearing up once more.

2 thoughts on “Eli on Medicine

  1. they have a homeopathic ear drop that works well to to relieve the pain. its by samillason and you can find it just about anywhere.

  2. Poor Eli! I hope he starts to feel better soon. I still suffer from chronic ear infections (mostly swimmer’s ear these days), so I know his pain. Jeanetta’s comment is also a good one, although I have not first-hand experience with those. But I normally have to do ear drops as opposed to antibiotics.

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