3 Hours of 1983-era MTV

I’m a few days behind the power curve here, but when a good friend showed me the link to 3 hours of 1983-era MTV, I knew I had to share it with all of you.

Part the first:

Part the second:

I’m rather retro-nostalgic for this: while I recognize the music, I never really saw MTV until the 1990s. But c’mon, Night Ranger! The Thompson Twins! Quarterflash! There are other, lesser-known bands like The Who and The Police in there, but we know who the real stars are. Besides Mark Goodman’s hair, I mean.

Thank goodness there’s a writer’s strike on so I can watch this tonight.

4 thoughts on “3 Hours of 1983-era MTV

  1. Never had MTV (growing up or as an adult) but starting in about 1987, my brother and I religiously watched Friday Night Videos and America’s Top 10 on TV (Fox or NBC, I forget). Well, we couldn’t stay up that late, so we set the VCR to record, and watched that instead of Saturday morning cartoons.

    Surely we couldn’t have been the only viewers!

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