Because I am Lame

I am totally excited about my new vacuum cleaner. When Stephen gets home tonight with the camera, I’ll even take photos of it for you because it turns out, I’m even lamer than I thought I was when I started writing these sentences.

6 thoughts on “Because I am Lame

  1. That’s ok, I knew I was a middle-aged suburbanite when I got all excited over my new refrigerator. 🙂

  2. Sam and I constantly get excited over our new appliances, or ones we want. This deep fryer, those washing machine and dryer combination we got, or that gen-air countertop cooktop we want. Sad really.

  3. You’re not lame. I completely freaked over my vacuum. Oh, and then the washer/dryer and fridge when we moved to Phoenix. You’re definitely not lame.

  4. If you are totally lame, Joy and I are abysmally lame because we keep checking to see if you’ve posted the pictures.

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