You, Internet, Give Me a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling in my Heart

This week I’ve talked about vacuums, poppy seed bread, and Liza’s teeth, and I’ve posted pictures of the kids and vacuums. By the way, you people are seriously into vacuum cleaners and I’m not sure if that says more about you for reading about it or me for writing it. I giggled all day yesterday when I pulled up the blog to see what someone else is saying about The Boss. (P.S. Kat must be seriously traveling or dead not to have made a comment about her Dyson.)

Stephen’s post on parenting brought some nice comments and once again, my internet friends, I feel like we are not the only ones trudging up this million mile hill called parenting.

Two weeks ago we got a nice email from a women who found us from Stephen’s LOLTrek and LOLCards posts and has been following us ever since. She and I have traded multiple emails and several cross-stitch patterns and basically I feel as if the internet has brought me a new friend. The most amazing part: it isn’t the first time it’s happened.

April 25 and 26 we’re going to be in Boston. We’ll be at ROFLCon and staying with some friends that (you can probably see what’s coming next) Stephen met on the internet. Of course, now that we’ve known them for 10 years they are just regular friends that Stephen happened to have met on the internet. Also, I’m looking at the ROFLCon page and it’s looking like a serious Con. Another thing, I’m talking about Cons like they are something that I do. You see what the internet has done to me?

I’ve been swept up in the wave of Stephen’s internet fame and the view from where I’m sitting is beyond great. It thrills me to see you all having conversations here. Hey, even my mom (Hi, Mumsy!) is getting in on the action now that she has that there computer internet where she works. I have to tell you that when I was 16 and writing every thought that popped into my head in my spiral bound notebook, my secret desire was that someone would read it. I can pretty much die now with that dream fulfilled.

6 thoughts on “You, Internet, Give Me a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling in my Heart

  1. I think I’ll be able to say that I knew (and hosted) you when. I refuse to be jealous, though, until Stephen’s quit his job and y’all are blog-supported. 😉

  2. It’s not the Internet that gives you the feeling; it’s the people that the ‘Net allows you to reach, something that wasn’t possible before. The ‘Net is merely a tool; it’s part of the democratization of media that connects us to each other rather than to talking heads.

  3. wow, roflcon looks like fun (although I hope no one’s going to take themselves too seriously… internet =/= srs biznss). I’ll have to pick Doyle’s brain about it when he gets back to psu. have fun 🙂

  4. They’ve invited me to talk on a panel about lolcats. How seriously can they really be taking it when I’m talking about lolcats?

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