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A couple of weeks ago, Stephen and I hit the Blue Plate Cafe in Huntsville. We went with the specific intention of a review. It’s a pretty good place to eat if you dig the “meat and three” kind of lunch.

We went early because we’d heard it’s always busy. It’s a good thing because it was already hopping when we got there and they have a super tiny parking lot. Stephen parked the Fit in a median that is obviously not meant for cars and yet his roller skate fit there fine. We went in and were given a seating number that conveniently had the menu printed on the back.

And here’s where I tell you about my blond moment.

I was shocked that there were only three choices listed under each day of the week.

I told you it was a blond moment.

I wanted more choices! Where was the actual menu? Maybe these were only the specials listed here? But no, that was pretty much the menu minus the breakfast items, which weren’t being served at lunch. I read my list of three more carefully. I’m not a picky eater by any means but I still wanted the option of choosing something from a big menu. Then I calmed down and remembered the name. OK, I thought, this is part of the shtick, I get it now.

Stephen and I were chatting about our mornings, waiting to be seated, when a friend from church and one of his coworkers walked in. We talked with them until our number was called and we went to our table. When we got there it was a table for four so we invited the guys to sit with us and frankly, the company was the best part of the lunch.

I had chicken and dressing, corn cooked to mush — i.e. Southern style, mashed potatoes, corn bread and, in a turn that can only be Southern, bread pudding that counted as a vegetable. Stephen ordered pretty much the same plate as I did. Afterwards, I vowed to check with him the next time we go to eat, so that we can get different foods and can try more of what the restaurant has to offer. Matthew, you are totally going to have to give me some reviewer tips!

The food was hot and filling and not bad by any means. The service was ultra fast and the company was fun. Would I go there again? Meh. Ten years ago, I would have thought it was a fabulous restaurant. But now? I like vegetables to actually be a bit closer to their raw state, with a whole lot less boiling action. Stephen and I tend to eat spicier foods than we used to, so while the food wasn’t bad, it’s just not to my taste any more. But the atmosphere of an upscale diner was pleasant. The accidental company was the bright spot and for that, I don’t regret the lunch.

12 thoughts on “Blue Plate Cafe

  1. My boss and I go to a meat-and-three over on Oakwood that’s got a bit wider menu. I remember it being pretty decent.

    [This does not mean that I don’t want to go to Thai Garden next time we go to lunch, Stephen.]

  2. Geof:

    You mean Mister G’s? The one in that strip mall at the corner of Oakwood and Triana? It’s not open any more… or it wasn’t last time I checked. One of my co-workers said something about some illegal activity being conducted inside got it shut down.

  3. I had basically the same impression as you when I went there. The small menu was surprising, and though the food wasn’t bad it wasn’t anything to write home about.

    Have y’all been to Wild Rose Cafe in downtown Huntsville? ( It’s not open for dinner, or on Sat/Sun. But if you can make it the food is great.

  4. Blue Plate is popular enough to always be packed, in spite of or perhaps because of its being a deliberate imitation of less self-consciously southern restaruants like Mullins or the little white-painted cinderblock building bearing the sign “RESTAURANT” on Whitesburg near Governor’s.

  5. Goodness, don’t they teach you anything in troll school these days? A limp, unfocused insult? Surely you can do better, panicfish.

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