Why Do People Miss Planes?

I used to stand in the ticket counter line and wonder why people weren’t showing up to get on their flight. What causes people to not go on their trips they’ve planned for months? A death in the family, surely. An emergency root canal, maybe. The nastiest stomach bug I’ve ever had, yes, yes, and yes.

Stephen and I were supposed to leave for Boston Thursday morning. I was up with Eli all night with the vomiting extravaganza. Thursday morning we made the call that since Eli had been so sick and Liza had never had anything like it before, I should stay home. All day Thursday I wondered if I made the right call. Eli seemed fine. Liza showed no symptoms.

Around 4 p.m. I started feeling sick to my stomach. For those who don’t know this already, pizza is a very, very bad idea when you are staring into the abyss of a known stomach virus.

Last night is a blur for me of fevered dreams, trips to the bathroom and trying to help Stephen’s parents with Liza. Liza’s version of the stomach bug is a random up and down fever and yesterday’s masterful total of seven poopy diapers. She had two big naps today, unheard of for her, and I just put her to bed. For the first time ever, Liza fell asleep while I was singing to her. Here’s to hoping we have a better night tonight than last night.

Meanwhile, I have gotten several phone calls from Stephen in Boston. He’s having a blast. My pass for the Con went to our friend Zarf so he too could bask the the ROFL glory. Stephen and a bunch of friends were headed to dinner when I talked to him earlier. He’s supposed to bring me some ROFL swag. (Hi Honey! Don’t forget my souvenir!)

Here’s Stephen on the LOLCat Panel from this afternoon. Thanks to varmazis for the photo. She also has some other good photos up from today’s panels.

So now I know what it takes to miss a trip. I would have rather gone to Boston, that’s for sure. But hey, at least I stayed home and actually got sick. If I’d stayed home and been fine, then I would have really been steamed.

10 thoughts on “Why Do People Miss Planes?

  1. HAHAHAHA! Tron Guy is there in his getup. EGAD.

    Stephen looks like he fits in. I wish you were there with him, enjoying it, rather than home sick with sick kids. 🙁

  2. Oh Misty! You must’ve gotten sick just after I spoke with you, yuck! I am sorry that you missed Boston, but at least you were at home being sick instead of on a plane or hotel,etc.

  3. Oh man. Sorry you got so sick and had to miss what sounds like a highly wacky con.

    Love the composition of the photo. The Tron guy is far funnier in the audience than he would have been if he’d been on the panel.

  4. Sorry for your trouble, but the photo is a classic. What great composition. Tron guy’s subtle, but perfect position in the otherwise normal looking panel setting makes the photo. Had he been sitting one row back or forward or one seat left or right, it wouldn’t have worked so well.

  5. At one point Jay (“Tron Guy”) had a question. The moment he was handed the mic and the audience realized he was going to ask something, everyone applauded.

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