Misty Loses at Vomit Roulette Once Again

This morning as I was showering I was thinking of this website and feeling the pressure of not having made a post in a couple of days. I wondered what to write about and decided to see where the day would take me.

Eli had a dental checkup this morning and all went well except the dentist insists that Eli now give up his pacifier. He started to whinge about it before we even got to the car. I struck a deal with him. If he could do without the binky and the bulk of the moaning about the binky for a whole week, then next Wednesday we’d go to the Pizza Rat, a.k.a. Chuck E. Cheese’s, for lunch. He agreed to it and was unusually silent during the ride towards home. I asked him a couple of times what he was thinking and he said he was thinking about going to Chuck’s.

About 3 blocks from home he started coughing. I asked if he was ok and I passed him a napkin just in time for him to throw up all over the napkin, himself, the car seat and the backseat.

I don’t know if you missed the post from this weekend but I’ve already had my quota of vomit for a while. Also, Stephen and I struck a deal back four years ago when I was pregnant that he would deal with the vomit and I would deal with the blood. Yeah, so far that deal has not worked out in any shape or form.

I’d just like to let the universe, and you guys, in on a little secret: I hate vomit. I hate to do it myself, I hate to smell other people’s and I most especially hate to clean it up. Even more so when it’s to clean it out of the car seat, the crack of the backseat, and the seatbelt.

I suppose I should be thankful that I’ve had to deal with more vomit than blood but is it too much to ask to not have to deal with either one?

5 thoughts on “Misty Loses at Vomit Roulette Once Again

  1. Oh no! This brings back memories. What was Liza doing during all this? How is Eli feeling now?

  2. I feel for ya, gal! I, too, have a strong sympathetic reaction to, ummm…, errrr… regurgitation. Even the “v” word brings up sharp recollections of sound, smell and sight. I wonder how my nephew and his wife, who just had twins in March, will deal with two at once. You know it’s bound to happen! Selfishly, I just hope I’m not babysitting when it does.

  3. Oh, and unselfishly, hope Eli is feeling better! (See me blushing at a totally self absorbed post??)

  4. I completely sympathize and I don’t even have kids! (It all goes back to being DD at a friend’s wedding and having a drunk bridesmaid to drive home.) Even when Sean gets sick, I have to vacate the room.

    Hope Eli is feeling better and you guys are done passing the stomach bug around.

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