lies all lies

so i just woke up from my nap a little while ago and dadadada was home, someone lied to me because clearly he did not go anywhere, maybe he hid in a closet.

i have discovered that pirates scare people. i started making the pirate noise last week and mr got so frightened and that was fun. and now dadadada is scared by the pirate noise. if i had a hook to go with that pirate noise, look out./

2 thoughts on “lies all lies

  1. Eli, your pirate noise did scare me last week. You are such a scary pirate and the scary pirate went everywhere we went. He was even in the car one day so try and keep that scary pirate away when I visit.
    Mama Ray

  2. I’ll bet I can find a hook to bring you next time we visit. The trick then will be to get mamamama and dadadada to let you use it!


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