burger time

yesterday i had a mcdonalds burger for the first time, it was okay. i don’t know, my friends are all ‘this is the best thing ever’ but it did not excite me that much. and the fries were okay.

i had trouble sleeping well, you know how that goes sometimes.7 i was so tired by the end of the day but dadadada kept me up. i got so tired i was sitting on the footstool and fell over backwards and hit my head. then they took me to bath. i will have to remember that.

6 thoughts on “burger time

  1. I am not a big fan of their burgers but I really like their fries. I sometimes get cravings for them still.

    I used to dip my fries into a glass of Coke before eating them. The salt and the sugar mix was quite yummy.

  2. Eli, please come visit me and we can go to this place called the Purple Cow and have a tasty burger and a milkshake. The burgers are much better than McDonald’s!


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