it was a big driving weekend because we went up to see uncle andy graduate, he has a doctorate in musicology from uiuc now. and that is good and all but there are all these doctors already running around, he’s like the third after dadadada and pr and i know dadadada works with four others of them, it seems like at some point universities would say whoa look at all these doctors we should stop making more of them. or maybe let hunters shoot them. of course uiuc people wear orange so uncle andy would be safe.

i totally stole that joke from the commencement speaker by the way.

which reminds me, commencement speakers are mostly boring, in fact graduations are mostly boring. uncle andy had two of them, the first was in this big auditorium or something, i don’t know, i slept through most of the first part. but then they had all of the doctors come up on stage to get their diplomas and there was this string group playing because once you are a doctor you cannot like normal music any more. and he got his hood and then sat back down and then they started handing out diplomas all at once, like this guy would say ‘all you people stand up’ and then ‘all you people have a degree now go sit down’ so i went outside and walked around some until they were done.

then there was the second one, and what is that all about.7 it is like the first one did not take so they had to have a second one in case the degree peeled or flaked. that one was in the music building and there was ANOTHER SPEAKER and that was so boring i had to use all caps back there. he went on and on and frankly i was not there to sit through some music guy talk about how unhappy symphony music players are even if he was from harvard which is evidently a good music school except they wear red instead of orange but at least people won’t see where they have been shot by hunters. i got to walk around the building for a while and then go back in to see uncle andy get hooded AGAIN but whatever.

there were all these people congratulating him and then he scooped me up and held me out over the crowd, it was a total lion king moment, which reminds me next time we go on a long car trip and mamamama brings a dvd player she totally has to bring that movie. anyway it was cool because jamie and matt were there, they are fans of mine from way back in october, and it was cool seeing them so i guess the trip was worth it. and aunty joy’s parents were there, that was neat, i hadn’t gotten to see them before. we all went to this restaurant and uncle andy wore his robes, he looked all doctoral. i guess it would be cool to have robes like that. i would wear them around the house and go swooshing around and maybe making my pirate noise because people in doctor robes like that really look scary. unless their robes are that silly red color, i don’t know what harvard is thinking.

but the restaurant was cool, there was this pretty waitress who was flirting with me, she brought me a cup of maraschino cherries which was nice, only it turns out they taste like medicine so never mind. but guys if you had hired me she totally would have been yours.

i did not get a lot of sleep this weekend, we were out at that restaurant until eight or nine, all i know is now i need to go to bed.

6 thoughts on “hoodies

  1. Hey, you’re right! My tassel was orange. Maybe that’s enough to keep me from getting shot while I hang out with all these doctors. Don’t know that I’ll go that far; I don’t think I like school that much. I’ll know in a couple years, though … about the time you start hitting the books yourself.

  2. I have to go to a graduation tomorrow. And they’re also doing two parts to it! Hopefully the speakers won’t be as boring, though.

  3. I am having three parts, which is really boring. Today, we got to sit around inside an auditorium and listen to a guy who kept telling us that since we didn’t go to medical school, we should marry a doctor! Do you know any single doctors, Eli? Tomorrow morning we sit in the bleachers outside, so hopefully it won’t rain, and listen to more speeches and we get to throw newspapers in the air. There are supposed to be famous people, so maybe that will be fun. And then in the afternoon, we go into another big room, listen to another speaker, and that’s where we get our special pieces of paper. So it’s just a lot of preparation to the real thing. I get to wear this light blue robe with sleeves that look like hooks!

  4. i do not know any single doctors, sorry, and i am also sorry that your first graduation was boring. since you are having three i bet your degree sticks very well.

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