to take my mind off of how empty my life is right now i am doing this meme thing that is making me do.

1 how many books do you own.7

it is hard to say how many i own since i do not have control over them, mamamama and dadadada don’t let me chew on them or anything. but i probably have around maybe 100 but some of them are boring.

2 what’s the last book you bought.7

i do not yet own the means of production, those are in the hands of my bourgeois parents, but they did buy me maisy’s big flap book last. it is very entertaining.

3 what’s the last book you read.7

it was the big mouth frog, it is about a big mouth frog who learns to be a small mouth frog when he is threatened by a crocodile.

…with pictures.7

they all have pictures./


i don’t understand, aren’t these books real.7

4 name five books that mean a lot to you.

fuzzy bee and friends is a priddy book and it was the first one i can really remember getting and it is fun to chew.

beach play is a lot of fun, it is a good report on what happens when you go to the beach.

baloney [henry p.] is very good looking and clever too.

wheels on the bus go round and round because it is so true, they really do, and it plays music when you press the wheel.

very hungry caterpillar, i can relate because now i am all hungry.

5 name five people you’d like to see answer these questions

i will not force other people to take part in this, this is a meme, it should spread without having to have the jackboot of friendship behind it.

4 thoughts on “books

  1. 100 books is a lot of books to have at such a young age. At this rate you’ll have about 30,000 books when you’re my age. Maybe you should think about starting your own lending library. That way you can get rid of the boring books by giving them to other people.

  2. Which book is the one with all the funny words? Is that baloney (henry p.)?


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