Little Miss Soccer

Today was Eli’s first soccer game, which, in his under-five league, means all the kids bunch up around the ball except for the ones whose attention has wandered elsewhere.

All the kids except for this one girl on the opposing team who must have been 8 or 9. She could dribble the ball with either foot, and as soon as Mini-Mia got ahead of the pack, she would accelerate and score. She could cut the ball out of a group of kids. She could defend.

I was ready to go all Jeff Gillooly on her. “Psst, kid, need a snack? I’ve got Teddy Grahams! That’s right, a little closer, a little closer…” and then WHACK. People talk about sports being a good way to teach kids real-life skills like teamwork and cooperation, right? Why not give them a real lesson in how the world works!

9 thoughts on “Little Miss Soccer

  1. I have photos but there are lots of other kids faces in them which I decided not to post. Next time you are over, remind me and I’ll show them to whomever asks!

  2. Teddy grahams are good, but I find that Fruit Roll-Ups have a better success ratio. Why was your five year old playing against an eight year old? I say that old-timer needs to move to another team!

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