Outside, Today with a Cutesicle

This afternoon we headed outside for popsicles and swinging.

Eli had to show Kat some Jedi moves. Jedi moves involve him jumping from the step while swinging his lightsaber wildly.

Here’s Liza producing some Spielberg brand looking or maybe it’s Bono serious gazing, hard to tell.

He was in heaven this afternoon since Kat and I could take turns pushing him in the swing.

Good thing they make that red die so it washes out these days, otherwise we’d never see this outfit again. Check her “buh-fie” hat that Kat brought her.

It’s hard to resist this much cute. Except when Liza’s awake at 3 a.m. and Eli gets out of bed six times before he falls asleep. Then? Then it is so easy to resist the cute.

1 thought on “Outside, Today with a Cutesicle

  1. Hed meltin’ (as opposed to hed ‘splodin’) cuteness, fer sur!
    My melt down was faster than that popsicle! Whilst each and every one dissolved me, I LOVE the swing butt pic!!

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