mr and pr are gone

mr and pr left yesterday and that was sad. i got to do a lot of things over the weekend, i got shiny new shoes that go clomp clomp when i stamp on the floor or on people not that i would clomp on people, and we ate at the noodle place and at the cheeseburger and shake place. that was fun, i got this cup of lemonade and a big tall straw that i chewed on until mama cut the straw because she thought it was too long for me. there is no such thing as a too long straw.

i might also have gotten a little wet. that cup at the restaurant was totally not as good as my own sippy cups, it leaked when i tilted it. we also went to the church a lot on sunday, i don’t know what that was about. it was a fun weekend but it made me very tired so i slept in today.

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  1. Eli, PR and I were sad to leave yesterday too. But we will be back very soon and will get to stay a long time. I am glad you got some good rest after we left b/c we really did play hard over the weekend. We loved it!
    Mama Ray

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