I Have Been Remiss in the Posting of Photos

Will and Luke came over to visit yesterday. They brought their mom Chrissy and we played outside and very belatedly celebrated Chrissy’s birthday with hot dogs and chili for dinner.
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Here’s Liza watching “Yo Gabba Gabba!”
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And finally, Liza and her bubble hat.
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8 thoughts on “I Have Been Remiss in the Posting of Photos

  1. How funny is that?! We had hot dogs and chili for dinner last night too! As always your kids are too cute for words!

  2. You guys must have a kick butt camera, and/or some kick butt knowledge ABOUT kick butt cameras….because MY pictures..don’t look like THAT. Granted, if they did, I might question paternity……

  3. Elizabeth: Thanks! I love my Canon Digital Rebel. We also have an excellent lens that Stephen picked out, because you know, optics physicists are picky about their glass. I also have had a lot of practice taking photos of these kids. I don’t take as good of photos of others as I do of Eli and Liza and I think part of that is I have the camera in their face all the time. Hearing that I take great photos — that never gets old!

  4. And you do! Another late nite at work. Another” Ahhhhhh” moment with Liza and Eli. Thanks! I needed that! It’s like you’ve got Lisa-needs-relaxing radar!

  5. My littlest absolutely REFUSES to be photographed! All the pictures you see of him are forced and after many many moments of bribery! He will smile and say cheese, UNTIL the camera is pointed at him, then he looks down, runs away, sticks his fingers in his mouth….anything to avoid that infernal device!

  6. Those pictures are great! I love the pics of Liza watching Yo Gabba Gabba and waving her arms, because you see Eli in the background waving his legs around. 🙂

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