Oh the Humanity

First I came home from work to find Eli watching Gilmore Girls with Misty.

Then I found out that, in the morning, he goes into Misty’s closet to help her pick out jewelry. He chooses necklaces and earrings, holding them up and saying, “Cuuuuuuuuute.”

Tonight he pulled a cup and bowl towards him and said, “Play tea party?”

At this point I might as well give up and let him watch Project Runway with us.

5 thoughts on “Oh the Humanity

  1. Apparently I insisted on wearing a barrette to kindergarten one day (and then got bored of it by the next day). Looking back, I guess it’s been all downhill style-wise from there.

  2. I think what you really need to watch out for is trying on pantyhose, like our son Sylvan did when he was a little kid. We’re just waiting for The Announcement from him.

  3. I should clarify my comment above. When I say that he should watch Project Runway with us, what I mean is that he should watch it with Misty.

    It’s not like I watch it or anything.

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