The Coolest Christmas Ever

Hey, remember when Arsenio was cool? Remember when New Kids on the Block was cool? What if the two of them were mixed together in a 1990s mélange of super-coolness?

That, my friends, is funky, funky. It is, in fact, twice-baked funky.

5 thoughts on “The Coolest Christmas Ever

    1. I don’t know that Arsenio isn’t cool any more, mainly because he’s vanished. The last I saw of him was on that tv series with Sammo Huang.

      As for NKOTB, did Jon leave the group at one point? The video is from 1990 or so.

  1. No, no, no. Jon never left the group. He was/is my favorite!

    I guess this is one of those incidents that NKOTB were talking about, when he had a panic attack and couldn’t perform. I knew one of them was the AMAs, but I guess Arsenio could be another.

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