This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Friends

Geof was over visiting one night last week and was down on the floor with Eli. Something had gone under the couch, and Eli and Geof were trying to fetch it out with one of Eli’s drum stick. Eli waved the stick around. “Don’t stick that up my nose or anything,” Geof joked. Immediately Eli jabbed at Geof’s face with his stick, earning him some couch time.

So pay attention, everyone: DON’T TELL HIM THINGS LIKE THAT.

Or if you’re going to do it anyway, make sure it’ll be entertaining for the rest of us to watch.

1 thought on “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Friends

  1. I had two reactions:

    “Damn, that was funny! Dude! Awesome! I have corrupted the kid!”

    “Awww, man. Poor guy is going to get in trouble for my suggestion.”

    I will keep my suggestions tamer from now on. “Eli … you want to play hockey. You want to be a defenseman. You want to knock the other kid square on his ass.”

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