Saturday Breakfast

Ever wonder what we do around here on Saturday morning? I know, how have you gotten on this long without having this knowledge?

Here’s the answer to your burning question: Donuts.

Donut Bar

I’ve always meant to fry some biscuits to make donuts and haven’t ever done it. (Is there anything more Southern than this? Maybe frying pickles, that’s the best I can think of.) This morning I got brave and tried it. The results: powdered sugar everywhere. The kids like to dunk their own.

Eli shows how he can eat a donut.

Liza especially loved licking the outer coating of sugar off of the donuts. She was unsure how to proceed after she got all of the sugar off though.

LIza chows down.

She finally figured it out and ate her fair share.

Liza likes donuts.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Breakfast

  1. Nothing against Eli, but that Liza is so stinkin’ cute. I have a soft spot for her. She has spunk and I like that. She cracks me up.

  2. 🙂 Now we just need an audio clip of Liza asking for donuts!
    Or saying, “Yummy!” Either one!

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