11 thoughts on “What’s Old as a Function of My Age

  1. For me, my subjective definition of “Old” has always been “my parents’ age”.

    This fact has not particularly pleased my parents.

    (Objectively, I like to break it up into 20 year chunks: 0-20 very young, 20-40 moderately young, 40-60 middle aged, 60-80 old, 80+ very old. And by “objectively”, I mean “what I say to my parents when I want to be nice to them.”)

  2. However, Jota, you can look at your “my paren’ts age theory” two ways….either you are always old because your parents were YOUR age at one point and therefor you are always your parent’s age…OR (and this is my personal favorite) you are NEVER old because you will never be your parent’s age as you can never truly catch up to them!

  3. I love the idiots that leave comments just to argue with previous comments. Screw that. You are all morons.

    1. Brilliant, Doug! Instead of arguing, you only offer insults! Your insightful commentary would work well on many other blogs; here, though, try actual arguments and discussion instead of insults, assuming you can muster the strength.

  4. Wow, I didn’t realize I had been arguing. I must be so good that I do it without even thinking about it! Jota, if you took offense to my “mindless arguing” I apologize. I was simply amused by your comment so thought I would offer my take since I never want to be old! LOL

    Stephen, I apologize for my moronic idiocy in my “arguing” of a previous comment. I must have seriously brought down the IQ of your post.

    Doug, you are a small, small man.

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