The Best Part is That I Took This Picture in Bald Knob

From a gas station restroom in Bald Knob, Arkansas:

"Politically Incorrect Novelties"? Really?

I knew “politically (in)correct” had become meaningless terms, but this confirms it. What exactly is a politically incorrect novelty? “Look, honey, this condom makes fun of cripples!”

7 thoughts on “The Best Part is That I Took This Picture in Bald Knob

  1. You didn’t buy one to find out? It could have been used for educational purposes–we are all wanting to know.

  2. I am going to Arkansas in a few weeks. I will be on the lookout if I happen to have the misfortune of a gas station restroom. Although, sometimes the women’s restroom is lacking in this sort of vending machines.

  3. Perhaps “politcially incorrect” has nothing to do with “politically incorrect” :-).

    Also, I’ve never heard of a machine that takes three quarters, held together, at one time; what an undextrous mechanism.

  4. Hey, If you will notice the product box you took a picture of was made in India,
    The print was probably printed in another country also. Actually the Arkansas
    Economy is doing considerably better than a lot of areas right now. Most of us
    are proud to be from Arkansas, despite some foreign made novelty hanging on a
    restroom wall!!! Cleanliness of that restroom would have been the most important
    concern. Thanks for taking interest in our small town.

  5. I’m glad things are going well in Bald Knob, presumably because your economy isn’t entirely based on novelty adult products.

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