Websites that Inspire me to Make things

I’ve mentioned before that I read a ton of craft blogs. Actually that’s misleading, look at the photos on a ton of craft blogs, would be more accurate. This is a list of my favorites that I look forward to seeing every day.

A Print a Day: She does beautiful illustrations and posts every day. On Fridays she has free downloads of her amazing work. I took one of her note page illustrations and made this cute book for Ashley.
Matrioshka Notebook

Creativity Prompt: This is a treasure chest of ideas for making journals as well as creative writing prompts. I have enjoyed the journaling prompts very much and plan my return to paper journaling soon. I have made several of the creative projects. I made three hand-sewn recycled journals for family members for Christmas (that I forgot to take photos of — Ugh!) and this altered book:
Altered Children's Chipboard Book

Elista Mora: Elista does paper cuts and she illustrates, makes miniature dolls, jewelry and clothes. I totally want to grow up someday and have a studio like hers. Mostly, I’d love to dedicate my time to making things as often as it seems she does. Must reprioritize my day!

WhiMSy Love: Nikki is one crafty chick! She always has new things she’s working on and she has two kids that she is initiating into the crafty/creative life. The gal must have a camera embedded in her hand as well. She photographs everything.

Habit: A few friends post snippets of daily life that read like poetry. And photos that are interesting both in the capturing of the moment and for their still life-like quality. I get up in the morning wondering what the gals did that they will post about.

Barrel of Monkeys: Jill is a graphic designer who makes buttons. Sound familiar? She has an huge Etsy shop of very cool buttons. Her design site has some very nice work on it as well. I just found her this week, so I had to share.

Pikaland: The Illustrated Life: I think I must be a closeted illustrator because all the blogs I love are about illustrators. This one has a great twist though. You can buy a PikaPackage that is an assortment of art prints, cards, buttons, ’zines and other goodies from various illustrators. I haven’t bought one yet but you know that’s just around the corner. The art is so very cool that I go to the site even when I know there aren’t any new updates and drool over the stuff I’ve already looked at a half-dozen times.

The Toy Society: This is the most fabulous idea. You make soft toys and then leave them in places to be found by kids. The site has all the info for how to join, how to prepare and package your toy, and ideas of where to leave them once you’re finished. I joined this week and hope to leave a bird to be found very soon. The blog has photos of toys about to be left in the wild and toys that have been found usually with their new owners. Can’t look away!

And lastly, a post that I found this morning looking for the websites I wanted to put in this post. Lately, I’ve been feeling like my craftiness is not that crafty so this was a real pick me up. From Modish Biz Tips: When You Feel Like you Just Don’t Measure Up.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the kind words. I am so glad you enjoy my website and I enjoyed looking at the wonderful altered book you’ve created!

  2. Avital: Thanks for the great blog and thanks for coming over and checking out my projects!

    Will: I hadn’t seen The Domestic Scientist but I have seen Sprite Stitch. I have plans for a Mario mushroom cross-stitch that I think came from Sprite. Thanks for the links!

  3. Thanks for all the links! I found a SUPER cute dreamcatcher notepad download @ Print a Day.

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