The Dark Secret of Wall-E

In lieu of actual original content from me, watch Jay Smooth lay out a frighteningly plausible theory about Wall-E and why all the humans in the movie were white middle-class ones.

Jay is the man behind the awesome “How to Tell People They Sound Racist” video from last year. In fact, let me throw that one in as well. Two videos make a blog post, right?

2 thoughts on “The Dark Secret of Wall-E

  1. While he makes a valid and humorous point, there is a line in the movie that states there is a FLEET of ships but the one they are advertising is the CROWN JEWEL, so to speak, of the fleet. So while the movie portrays only upper middle class Americans, there ARE other ships out there with the “lesser” human beings!!! 😉 Conveniently, however, they never receive the message that Earth is, once again, inhabitable, so yes, his OTHER point is made: only upper middle class Americans are worthy enough to forge a new world! HA!

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