Big Head Dog and the Monsters

Time to take a break from my science ranting and bring you another example of how children’s toys scare me. Today’s exhibit: Big Head Dog.

Big Head Dog

Big Head Dog fits snugly in the palm of your hand. His oversized head will nuzzle you lovingly as you stroke between his tiny nub ears, marvelling at how large his head is. He loves to run and jump and play with you.

Big Head Dog from the side

The only problem is, his big head keeps his front paws from touching the ground. Oh, he can make his front paws touch. But then he has to shove with all the power in his stubby legs to push his over-sized head about, leaving wet slobbering trails across the floor.

Big Head Dog comes to us courtesy of Eli’s one and only Happy Meal to date. Many people have concerns about genome splicing and the like. Why has no one confronted McDonald’s about this moose/terrier chimera?

In other scary toy news, I have discovered a new biological method of reproduction.

One Peep, Two Peep, Yellow Peep, Yellow Peep


3 thoughts on “Big Head Dog and the Monsters

  1. I’ll warn you: Eli got this dog over a year ago. So don’t expect it in the latest Happy Meal or anything. You might get Tiny Head Dog instead.

  2. They must re-run that! I had one a couple of years ago clipped to my post. Eli would have been very young if not born yet when I got it… Anyway, mine was a brown cocker spaniel! 🙂 I loved my big headed brown cocker spaniel. But not as much as my real one, who happens to have black fur.

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