Soon-To-Be Trending Twitter Topics

Pirate pickup lines.

Which of Jon and Kate’s octuplets you’d like to be.

That one YouTube video that is unbelievably cute.

Tinted avatars as political activism.

Movie titles that are unintentionally creepy when muttered by Christopher Walken.

Robot sexual positions.

The YouTube video involving Keyboard Cat playing off that one unbelievably cute YouTube video.

Things that, when eaten, pass through the digestive system unchanged.

How Twitter is dying, nuh-uh is not, is too.

Any other suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Soon-To-Be Trending Twitter Topics

  1. Hey, they’re not octuplets. It’s twins and sextuplets.

    Um… no I don’t have a season pass to Jon and Kate + 8 on my tivo. Why do you ask?

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