People Have Been Asking…

How I am. I post a lot about Eli and not much about me. Sneaky child, sucking my will to have my own personal life.

I have been sleepy.

I know, I know that’s not very exciting and not interesting in the least but nevertheless, I have been, recently, very sleepy.

No, internet, this isn’t an ANNOUNCEMENT.

When I am not very sleepy, I am reading Julia Quinn novels. Again, I know, “Ugh, romance novels!” but it’s all the internet friend’s fault. OK, not really but I had to see if they were listening, er, reading.

When I am not doing that I am working on finishing the last of 4 cross-stitch pieces for Eli’s room. I’ll post photos when I’m done with #4.

I’m also casting around for stuff to do this summer. No activities for Eli and me make for very grouchy mommy. So if you have any ideas, that don’t cost much cash and don’t involve us spending too much time in the sun, please pass them along. We’re going today to see what all building a sand box entails.

What I am looking forward to: King Tut. We are going to Chicago at the end of June to see the exhibit. I can’t wait to see the goods and see Eli’s face the first time he sees Sue.

I’ll tell you all more once I wake up from my nap.

2 thoughts on “People Have Been Asking…

  1. I think you definitely need to come to Atlanta. There are loads of things for kids to do here! We could take Eli to the Center for Puppetry Arts! 😀

  2. Monte Sano mountain’s nice. Go up to Burritt Museum. There’s lots of shade, it’s cooler on the mountain and it’s kind of fun to walk through all the old houses (so says the old living history interpreter from there :)).

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