Urban Fantasy, DCTV Style

Saturday was my first opportunity to tape skits for DCTV, so of course there were vampires.

Cast photo from a DCTV shoot.

Fine, fine, we had vampire hunters as well. That’s Buffy, Alucard, Edward Cullen, Spike, and Mina Harker in that photo. Why were they all together? Find out in September!

(And thanks to Patrick for the cast photo.)

6 thoughts on “Urban Fantasy, DCTV Style

  1. ooo, ooo… did any of my quick skit ideas get used? wait… don’t tell me… no, i gotta know now…. no wait don’t tell me it’ll ruin the surprise…


  2. Okay so I have to say( to rub it in the noses of those who haven’t seen anything yet) the footage rocked Doc! damn didn’t mean to rhyme and did anyway. Looking forward to the reaction from the con peoples. I am psyched.

    BTW, thanks for being a great shoulder and friend, you’re the best

  3. Oh, that photo looks GREAT! Pretty sure that’s the Spike who’s in the BHPS every year. She’s awesome! Looking forward to seeing the actual video 🙂

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