One project finished

Where's his cat?

I started this small project before I began work on the lighthouses. Since then, I’ve only worked on this when we traveled. It’s been a great one to work on in the car. This past craft night, we had a full house so instead of cramping everyone else’s style with my large frame for the lighthouses I finished this for Stephen. Do you think he’ll be surprised?

Schrödinger’s pattern came from Greta at Larripin Labs.

11 thoughts on “One project finished


    That looks super sweet. I can’t wait to hang it and have everyone look at it admiringly and say, “By the way, who’s Schroedinger?”

  2. Oh, that is soooo way cool, Misty!! You’re a lucky man, Stephen!

    Had to laugh at your comment, Stephen. I’ve got several Schroedinger & Tesla LOLCats posted on the bulletin board outside my office at work, amongst the pithy accounting ‘toons. They do a good job of breaking the ice when the science & engineering staff venture down into admin-land… we support staff are from another planet, you know! 😉

  3. You changed the color!!! Just went over to Larripin. Did she offer alternate color schemes or did you wing it? Gotta get me that and, maybe, a Planck (a number of our guys have Planck grants). Hmmmm… since I have PCStitchPro, maybe I can scan in a Hubble…. hmmmmm. Oh, there I go again. Is this like wanting all the Wentzler patterns, even though you know you’ll never do them all????

  4. Lisa: Yes, I changed the color. I eyeballed it since there’s only about six colors. Stephen didn’t like the sepia so I modified it to black and almost white. It makes him look very formal in his tux, I think.

    If you have PCStitchPro you can make pretty much anything you want by scanning it in.

  5. You should post this one to the Craft Flickr group!!! They’ll love it! Could I link it on my blog too? People NEED to see this awesomeness.

  6. I love it! I want the Feynman one. I read so much of his stuff in High School/College. Love his autobiographies. They’re hilarious. 🙂

  7. Greatness! and thanks for the link back to the patterns… I found your blog about 3 weeks ago, and I’ve worked my way through it now. Glad to know more about the Granades.

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