To 11!

Last night Misty & Eli gave me my Father’s Day present: Guitar Hero.

You may be thinking that yesterday was Tuesday, several days before Father’s day.

I say that it is never too early to ROCK.

8 thoughts on “To 11!

  1. I was in Fry’s yesterday & heard a somewhat mangled version of “More Than A Feeling” rising over the stock shelves.

    There are songs we hear on the radio now that are forever changed by this game. It’s hard to listen to Queen or Audioslave without thinking “green, red, yellow, yellow, green … crap, red, I meant red!”

  2. I’m afraid that after playing this for a while, I’ll expect certain songs to have the choked guitar string ‘ploink!’ noise at certain points.

  3. Oh, dear lord. There is NO excuse for Guitar Hero. I will try to remember how much I like and respect you anyway. 🙂

  4. Aw yeah! About time too.

    Here is my secret special trick for being awesome at Guitar Hero: when you reach the solo, turn on your Star Power and start playing exactly like Nigel from Spinal Tap. The more buttons you press, the more points you get!

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