From Corinth to Cairo

Today I started wondering how long it’d take me to walk from Corinth to Cairo.

A map showing Corinth and Cairo, Mississippi

100 miles? That’d only take me a couple of days! Thanks, Mississippi!

This post has been brought to you by the US’s habit of naming cities after other cities. Because Paris, Arkansas wasn’t going to come up with anything better.

6 thoughts on “From Corinth to Cairo

  1. I just like that in Mississippi, Cairo to Memphis is about 150 miles while it’s only twelve miles in Egypt. Couldn’t we just rename Germantown?

  2. Did you know there is an Egypt MS as well?
    We also have a bunch of towns with fun and very weird names. For example, we have a town called Walls and Soso. There is also a State Line MS.
    Can you pronounce Shuqualak? And don’t get me started on Noxapater 🙂

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