Email to my Senators

I am appalled and disgusted that you voted against Senator Al Frankin’s bill to allow people to sue government contractors in the event of their rape.

This email is the first of its kind that I’ve ever sent to a government official and this email marks the promise I make that during the next election season I plan to support your challenger both vocally and monetarily.

I know Stephen has a longer political post coming over the weekend but I couldn’t not post this email that I just sent to Alabama Senators Shelby and Sessions as I am literally shaking with rage. I guess this day marks the start of my political activism. Scary thought, I know.

10 thoughts on “Email to my Senators

  1. Unfortunately, the common wisdom seems to be that emails are largely ignored by our congressfolks. You might want to send a printed letter or give them a call, to make sure they get the message.

  2. Jon R: I wondered about that. I should probably send a letter as I’m afraid calling them would devolve into me screaming at a hapless aide over the phone.

  3. I just checked the list of votes and (not surprisingly) both GA Senators voted against it. I’m definitely penning a scathing letter this weekend.

  4. The subject of forms of communication came up when I happened to talk to an an aide to Bud Cramer several years ago. He said that in general when congresscritters take account of public opinion, a paper letter is worth 100 phone calls, which in turn are each worth 100 emails. That was back before Twitter though, when people wrote on paper.

  5. Ally: I posted that link specifically so you could check your senator’s votes.

    I wish there was some way to sort the list to see how the women senators voted. I’m wondering how the women in the chamber kept from kicking all the men in the shins during the discussion and vote.

  6. Thanks for writing about this issue, Misty and Stephen… following the link Misty provided, I see that both of South Carolina’s senators also voted against the Franken amendment. Postal and telephone contact information for all U.S. Senators may be found here: . I wish Senator Graham had held his local town hall after this despicable vote, rather than before it; he and the other 29 senators who voted against this amendment must be held to account for placing the convenience and profits of government contractors above the rights of their employees to justice through the courts.

  7. One of our voted “Yea”, the other, (Spector, surprise surprise) didn’t even have the nuts to vote.

  8. May I ask who is Washington working for Lobbyist(BRIBERS) BIG CORP,S BIG Business,Federal Reserve Board(may be the answer the Big Boss), it sure is not the average American thats plain to see.Washington Has sold the average American out we need A 3rd party in But im sure they could learn to be the same as the others in no time . Why because they would have the same Boss. Why no raise for the elderly SSS or Fed Retires. Im sure Washington got more than they deserve this year. I guess obama needed it for health care for his brothers. Well keep it all , all of you in washington your day is coming its just a matter of time.Your almighty dollar wont be worth a plug nickel Then. Whats wrong with this Country we got to many Harvard and Yale Lawyers trying to run it and they dont know their tail from a hole in the ground.

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