Pearl Jam Discovers Internet Memes

This is so strange and frightening. Note that it’s on the official Pearl Jam YouTube channel, which means, yes, that’s what the band is up to these days.

Edit: Whoops, it’s gone already. Sorry if you didn’t get to see it!

9 thoughts on “Pearl Jam Discovers Internet Memes

  1. Musicians like to mix things up and have fun, and I think that’s what this is. Look at Stone’s exaggerated facial contortions and arm gestures. It’s a loose, less-than-serious moment of fun in the studio.

  2. Stone Gossard and friends play a lot of stuff like this, as well. I’m not into his side projects that much (Bayleaf was alright, as is Brad), but I guess it keeps him happy so that he can come back and rock w/Pearl Jam. And that makes me happy!

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