Not That This Will Do Any Good

Dear Internet,

The name of our blog isn’t really misspelled. While it’s true that the weapon is spelled “grenade”, if you check our about page, you’ll see that our last name is spelled Granade. It’s why we chose this domain name and blog title.

Hugs and kisses,


8 thoughts on “Not That This Will Do Any Good

  1. It’s still not too late to change the name to “Live Granades (See Our Last Name Is Granade So It’s Kind Of A Play On Words With The Explosive Sort Of Grenade, And If You’ll Notice I Do Know How To Spell Grenade Given That I Just Spelled It Twice Correctly In This Blog’s Title)”

  2. I guess according to the intranets you are a dud?

    Actually having that long title would work as a title tag for the home page, not that anyone looks at those either.

  3. No, I’m saying that the problem is that people don’t read or do even cursory investigation, like look at the copyright notice at the bottom of the blog.

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