Daughter of Curse You, Opposable Thumbs

When we first moved Liza from crib to toddler bed, everything went well. In fact, it went amazingly well: she slept through the night, and when she woke up and was ready to come out, she knocked on the wall until we came and let her out.

Then she discovered that she can open the door herself.

We found this out last week, when at 4 in the morning Misty and I woke up to discover Liza standing beside our bed, staring at us like she was auditioning to be one of the Children of the Corn With Optional Pacifier Attachment. She was no longer content to wake up and wallow in her luxurious bed. Now she wanted to be up and active!

Since she and Eli are binary stars, doomed to orbit about each other, she now gets up at 5:30 or so and goes into his room. She wakes him up and they both get in his bed to “sleep” some more, where by “sleep” I mean giggle incessantly. Then they start playing, soon shrieking loudly. Just this week at 6 AM I awoke to Liza’s high-pitched cries of “¡Arriba!” and “¡Abajo!” If the live Dora the Explorer show ever comes to Huntsville, I’m going to buy a ticket just so I can punch Ms. Marquez in her nose.

We’ve got a bunch of those doorknob covers that are supposed to make it hard for toddlers to open doors. Is it wrong to put one on the inside of her door? Because right now I’m thinking I need to correct evolution’s egregious mistake of giving her thumbs.

16 thoughts on “Daughter of Curse You, Opposable Thumbs

  1. I think that’s the obvious solution…though once she’s tasted the heady wine of freedom, depriving her of it will probably cause a certain number of tantrums. But so will most other things, so what the heck?

  2. My daughter does the same thing, standing at the side of the bed, staring until I wake up. This is actually a plus, as she used to tap my forehead repeatedly until I would wake up.

  3. I reached a wretched low with my son when I bought one of those bathroom doorknobs and installed it on his door with the lock on the outside. It took him about a day and a half to figure out how to open the lock with a coin. So I put tape over the coin-unlock slot. So he figured out how to get the tape off. The standoff continues…

  4. Another option might be to lock the door from the outside. Sister’s kids H & S both will promptly get out of bed after they’ve been put to bed & try to get out so for sanity’s sake bro-in-law decided to lock the doors. Even knowing the doors are locked & that they’ve been locked for YEARS, H & S still try to escape the evil bedtime regularly.

  5. Emily has been opening those special toddler door locks for months now. We just lock her in her room. Perhaps you should try turning the door knob around and locking her in. Isn’t that what you did with Eli before he could tell time?

  6. As soon as I moved Sean to his big boy bed, we put those door knob covers on his inside of his door. So, to answer your question, I’m all for it. 🙂

  7. Frustrated with Cindy wandering the chateau at night, entering her sisters’ rooms without knocking, and having freakish nightmares about singing rodents, her frustrated stepmother installs a lock on her door….

  8. When Tatiana was a wee one, we found her outside wandering the neighborhood at 4 in the morning. She would also manage to disable the alarms we put on the outside of her door. So at the doctor’s suggestion, we put locks on her door… and deadbolts at the top of all outside doors. She finally stopped wandering when she was 5.

    Navarre is another escape artist and he has locks on the outside of his door as well. These locks are the tricky ones that take a tool to unlock. The down side is he has locked me in the room with him – the key on the outside – and I had to wait for Kevin to come home. But I do sleep peacefully at night.

  9. We did it with Will and then he figured out how to work them. These child locks just make our kids smarter.:) It was , however, a peaceful time for a few months when he couldn’t get out.

  10. Babygates. You know, the kind you put at the tops and bottoms of stairs? We have one in the door of Simone’s room. She can come to the babygate and yell (and she does) but she can’t get out. We did this when we transitioned her to her big girl bed because I had nightmares about the whole “children of the corn staring at you in your sleep” thing. Kids can be super creepy at night.

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