Locations Versus People

It’s another one of those times where we’re buried in stuff to do, so here’s a realization I had a while back: thanks to cell phones, calling someone has changed from calling a location to calling that person specifically. Phones are no longer location-dependent, they’re people dependent. I can’t think of the last time I called a phone and had to say, “Hi, is So-and-so there?”

Is this a good thing?

4 thoughts on “Locations Versus People

  1. My wife and I frequently answer each other’s cell phones (Mostly me answering for her because she will try to pass it off whenever she’s got an excuse to make me take calls for her). I’ve noticed that how the caller reacts to my voice varies noticably with age. Anyone about my age or older (usually her parents or grandparents) will just ask for my wife without thinking. Anyone her age or younger (she’s about two years my junior) is actively confused for a moment, and will usually ask who *I* am first.

  2. Yeah. I think I’m still usually pretty aware of when I’m calling someone’s cell versus when I’m calling a home phone. I think I would have the “younger person” reaction if I called a friend’s cell and heard a voice obviously of the opposite gender.

    If I call a home phone, I’d probably have more of the “older” reaction.

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