Lunch with the G’parents

Stephen’s folks are visiting, so today they went to have lunch with Eli at school. For the kids in kindergarten, having a visitor for lunch is considered cool. We decided we should all get in as many lunches with him as possible before he turns 7 and realizes that having family around your friends actually decreases your cool points.

4 thoughts on “Lunch with the G’parents

  1. Surprisingly, parents-at-lunch at the age of 7 and in-2nd-grade appears to still be considered cool, at least at the new Madison school.

  2. ROFL! I remember the day the neph looked not quite thrilled about Aunty visiting. Deflating, but perfectly normal. *sigh* I think it was 3rd grade so, since Tombstone says 2nd is till cool, perhaps the g’folk still have some good visits ahead!

  3. Wow, those kids in the background need some Claritin! 😉 Glad the kids get to see their G-parents!

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