Friday Night Supercuts: Get Out of There!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of supercuts, where someone takes every instance of a phrase they can find in a TV show or movie and smushes them together. The first one I ever saw was just about every instance of Buster saying, “Hey, Brother,” in Arrested Development.

After that there were all of the people who weren’t here to make friends.

A few months ago I was fascinated by “Let’s Enhance”, a montage of a tremendous number of “freeze it! zoom in!” sequences from TVs and movies.

Now I have a new favorite. For today’s entertainment, I give you an insane number of examples of people shouting, “GET OUT OF THERE!”

See how many of the movies you can identify!

8 thoughts on “Friday Night Supercuts: Get Out of There!

  1. I was hoping to see this one in the supercut…from The Search For Spock:
    Torg: [the Klingons have boarded the Enterprise only to find it is deserted] My Lord, the ship appears to be deserted.
    Kruge: How can that be? They’re hiding.
    Torg: Yes, sir. The ship appears to be run by computer. It is the only thing that is speaking.
    Kruge: Speaking? Let me hear it.
    Enterprise computer: [Torg walks over to a console, placing his communicator towards it] 9-8-7-6-5…
    Kruge: [shouts] Get out! Get out of there! Get out!
    Enterprise computer: 2-1…
    [the Enterprise bridge explodes]

    Oh well

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