Fear of Banking

This past week I went to the bank to pick up our passports from the safety deposit box for our upcoming trip to the UK.

This is where I am going to confess my irrational fear of banks. I hate going inside the bank because, wait for it, I’m afraid there will be a robbery.

It’s completely stupid, I know. The chances of something like that happening in the 15 minutes I am inside the bank are incredibly low. I know it and yet, I think about it every time I have to go to the safety deposit box. I actually plan my inside bank visits for when I know I won’t have the kids with me. Again, completely irrational. I think this must be why the drive-thru was invented.

Anyone else have fears they know are completely ridiculous and aren’t afraid to share?

15 thoughts on “Fear of Banking

  1. About 90% of the time when I’m driving into my neighborhood on the way home from somewhere, whether I’ve been gone fifteen minutes or fifteen days, I expect to drive up and find my house burned to the ground.

  2. I have a tremendous fear of fondue forks, you know the ones with the two or three little spikes on the end, like little pitchforks. I’m afraid someone might trip and land on one in such a way that it would go up their nose. Actually, I have a general fear of spiky things going to the nose – icepicks, etc.

  3. I’ve already told you about my crazy, ridiculous fear of water. But on the sillier side, I still check behind closed shower curtains when I’m in a bathroom. To many horror movies when I was a kid, I think 🙂

  4. I am most definitely afraid of the dark, and really don’t like being home alone at night. It’s a fear I’ve always had. 🙂

  5. I share your fear of being inside banks. I also always worry about leaving appliances on and coming home to find my apartment burned down and my dog dead.

  6. After witnessing a plane literally fall out of the sky and burst into flames on impact in my back yard, I think about it every time I see a low-flying plane. I really did not think at the time that it would affect me much, but it’s like clockwork. If I even hear a low-flying plane, the first thought in my head is that it’s about to crash.

  7. Whenever I cross a street that has two-way traffic and a median, I am always afraid that I’ll spontaneously lose my balance and fall prone in front of an oncoming car, which will squash my head like a grape.

  8. You’re afraid to get it and I’m afraid of losing it once I’ve got it! When I travel with my passport, I’m constantly reaching to touch it. Just the passport. Not my wallet. Not any other possession.

    When it’s not on my person (in my bra so I can feel it is there), I worry about it. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I know it. I try to talk myself out of it. No dice. The fear has not lessened with more experience traveling.

    Even though I never said anything about my fear, my actions spoke louder than words. On a trip 20 years ago, my sister finally snapped, “Just STOP it! It’s in the same place it was the last 17 times you checked!” Has that stopped me? Noooooo. Seriously, I have great sympathy for those with OCD now.

  9. I share the same fear as Geof. Whenever I leave home for an extended stay, I fear our house will burn down. I have had this fear for nearly 40 years for that is when we bought our house. I didn’t have it before then. I am sure my sons remember how obsessive I was about checking the appliances over and over before we left on a trip. Do I still do it, you bet.

  10. Well I have a fear of planes crashing in my yard… oh wait that happened…
    OH OH! I have a fear of horses, they want to attack your throat, Watch for it and one day I can say “I told you so”. Muhahahaha

  11. I don’t think it’s that irrational. I don’t even work in a “bad neighborhood” so to speak, but once my bank had been robbed about about 10 minutes before I tried to stop in on my lunch break.

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