Eli’s Kindergarten Graduation was Very Wet

Last Thursday we celebrated Eli completing kindergarten.

Eli and his kindergarten teacher, Ms Vandiver

Some schools treat this as a full-blown graduation with caps and gowns and all kinds of formality. I am not down with that; I appreciate marking Eli’s transition from kindergarten to grade school, but it’s not really a graduation. Fortunately, Eli’s school didn’t do that. Instead, after everyone got their certificate, they went outside to have sponge races!

Eli runs with a sponge on his head

His class divided into two teams. Each team had a bucket full of water at one end of a stretch of ground and an empty bucket at the other. They had to transfer the water from the full bucket to the empty one using sponges. The first team to fill their bucket won.

Eli’s team didn’t win, but he didn’t care. He got to run a lot and get very wet.

You know, I kind of wish they’d done this at my doctoral graduation.

3 thoughts on “Eli’s Kindergarten Graduation was Very Wet

  1. Oh, that sounds a great way to celebrate a PhD graduation! Maybe we’ll do that after Nat defends next week. I wonder if I can get his committee to be on one team and Nat and I on the other.

  2. 🙂 Yup, beats the sponge out of formal graduations… at any time! Skip the pomp and go directly to celebration!!

  3. Eli’s teacher looks like a sweet lady and she has bright toenail polish, so I approve. Congrats to Eli!

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